Umi is an interactive designer who likes to build things with code. She has strong UX background and has been working in digital media since 2009. Right now, her work focuses on data visualization, storytelling and user experience design. <more>


Here are some of my old portfolios from my past role as a User Experience (UX) Evangelist for Microsoft Indonesia (2012-2014). Clients for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 app design include: Trakindo CAT, Garuda and Citilink Indonesia, Bank Central Asia, Kaskus, BlueBird Taxi, Express Taxi, Bussan Auto Finance, MetroTV, OkeZone, etc. See more Mobile App's UI+UX Design work.


I used to be a food blogger. It was something that I've been enjoy doing since 2009, and here I used to share stories and tantalizing culinary pics from some of my favorite eating spots. Right now I'm more active on Instagram, as you can see below. Follow me @umieats!