Particle Template Read Me

Particle is a roomy template with uniquely styled excerpts with thumbnail images designed to showcase media rich blog posts. It will format itself based on how you work and what you post.

Style Mode: Options

Particle ​lets you select the position of the header area that contains the site title or logo, subtitle, description and main navigation. The position choices are 'Fixed Bottom' - where the content scrolls behind the header and 'Normal' - where the header is at the top and scrolls with the content.

Blog Post with an Excerpt & Thumbnail Image

If you use an excerpt & assign a thumbnail image to the post, Particle will automatically put the thumbnail in a circle and float it to the right or left - it's your choice. This is a great feature that can dramatically change the look of your blog just by including a new behavior in your workflow.

You can also mark a post as 'Featured' (Beta) to enable special styles (double-sized thumbnail) and colors adjustable within Style Mode.

Featured Post Standard Post Excerpt 2x Thumbnail Excerpt Standard Thumbnail

Mobile Responsive Layouts Are Built Right In - For Tablet & Smartphone Resolutions

On smaller screen sizes, the template responds to the lower resolution and / or smaller canvas with adjusted sizes, heights and layouts so it just fits.​

Tablet Screenshot

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