FUTUNE: A Python + Thermal Printer Experiment

My final project for the "Future Gadgets" class is what I called “FUTUNE”, and the storyboard concept is as follows:

The year is 2084, we’ve discovered the wormhole (Einstein-Rosen bridge) that connects us to another world. This world is actually our world but in the future (see wormhome diagram below). We are trying to find ways to communicate with our future selves through this wormhole. We start looking for signs from the universe. Some people are gifted by nature, but some needs help to practice channeling their extrasensory perception (ESP) through technology. The target users for this product can be anyone from any range of age, which has needs to get factual insights from the future or even to practice their ESP/sixth sense ability.

FUTUNE helps transmitting messages from future-you, whenever you need it to.

The final outcome is a physical prototype of FUTUNE that I made using Raspberry Pi, Adafruit Mini Thermal Printer and Fortune python library. Every time you press the red button it will generate random sayings that represent the factual readings from the future you.