Bootcamp 2014 Recap: Resources, HW, and Final Projects

Bootcamp 2014 just ended. The three-week super intensive summer course is aimed to help all new MFADT students to quickly adapt and be ready for the fast-paced 2 year program. The program is divided into 3 sections: Web, Design, and Code, and it runs for 3 weeks. It has been quite a long time since I work with code back in my CS undergrad, but apparently it feels more like a nostalgic thing now. Thus, here I am announcing that I will be starting another blog to cover the geeky side of mine, and I promise I won't mix them up with food reviews! (Except if the project is something that has anything to do with food :)

As a starter, I made a website that recaps all the resources, homework, and final projects I've done so far in the past 3 weeks. Head directly to to learn more about all of the projects we did during Bootcamp 2014.