7x7 Day 1: Infographic "WHY SEVEN?"

The first assignment for our Major Studio 1 class this semester is something that we called "7x7", in which we have to create 7 daily projects in 7 days. There are no rules, no definition, all seven projects can be under one big theme or also can be totally random, it was up to the students. The only constraint is time. We have to move on from one project to another in 24 hours. This is a really challenging exercise but I'll have to do it anyway. 

When we first got the assignment from Sven (our dear professor), I noticed that ALL classes except ours was given 'only' 5x5. This (slightly) envy feeling and confusion led me thinking, "Why SEVEN? Was it because the number '7' has the closest resemblance to our dear Sven?" Why, why, just why.. oh.. why.

At the beginning I kept questioning myself why, until I realize... WELL THAT'S IT. I should just make an infographic explaining how the number SEVEN is very much significant to the world. An infographic that stands as a proof that "7" is probably the most used number to quantify some random unique facts, or even something that we don't know the immediate answer to, like: "Why are there 7 days in a week? Why are there 7 colors in a rainbow? Are there really 7 heavens and 7 hell?", etc. So here's my sketch:


The final result is below. Check them out, it's totally rough and the information displayed might not all be complete, but I've tried my best in less than 24 hours. (In fact, I had to finish it in less than 6 hours before midnight came!)

I hope this will be something that will motivate the students in my class to get through all 7 projects next week. Just remember that we aren't the only ones entitled with "7" in this hectic world :)