Tokyo Dog: Japanese-Style Hot Dog is in Town!

Tried out this new Japanese Hotdog booth in Plaza Senayan using Groupon Disdus voucher, right one week before it expired. The place is a bit tricky to find, and as it was written on the address: "B1 Fl Unit A 2 F, Plaza Senayan Jakarta" - which turns out that it's located on Sogo's Basement. It only occupies this small space inside the FoodHall! *sigh*. Well anyway, wanted to try out Kimchi-Dog at first, but they said they're running out of Kimchi. So yeah.. only got to taste the infamous Nori-Dog & Curry-Dog, plus 12 takoyakis (Japanese octopus cake).


Looking at pics above, well... obviously not the best photograph around (I asked for plates but they only prepare takeaway boxes. Just so you get the idea of 'messy dog'), but they actually tasted YUMMY. But 1 might not be as fulfilling, seriously you'll be craving for more.

Other than Nori-Dog & Curry-Dog, they also have menu variants like Original-Dog, Maguro-Dog, Bonito-Dog, Tempura-Dog, Beef&Bacon-Dog, Kimchi-Dog, and Baby Octopus on-a-stick. I've read somewhere that they also have additional menu like Japanese Ramen & Katsudon, but i don't see them on the menu that time. Not sure if it's prepared already or not.

By the way, i'll be glad to come back to try another dog! :) Ah...mashita!

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