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Bye Jakarta, Hello NYC!!

Uhm, hello!

I've bid my farewells almost everywhere and to most of the people that I care about, but it just doesn't feel right until I write something in this blog.

I am leaving Jakarta starting from Wednesday July 16th, 2014 and will be heading to set a new life in the Big Apple. Yes, America! It took me 4.5 years to have the courage to break out of my comfort zone and finally achieve what initially became a long-life dream of mine. A dream so big that it takes years and years of preparation, hard work, and rollercoaster journey of finding passion. A dream, SO big that you are surrounded by constant fears of not getting anywhere with your life because you keep looking up onto other's. That is, until you encounter a certain point in your life where it just feels like, "OK, THIS IS IT. I CAN DO THIS. LET'S DO THIS!"

So here I am, drafting this post at the altitude of 32500 feet above land, six hours to go to JFK International Airport and have absolutely nothing to do and got stuck playing Disney Frozen: Free Fall. Few weeks from now I might be struggling as a MFA DT (Design & Technology) grad student at Parsons The New School of Design. But as far as I'm concerned, I will not stop blogging about food and that's a promise!

New city, new routines, new experiences. It's like hitting that 'RESET' button in your life, except that you're glad you left quite a legacy back at your home country, and realized that those friends are valuable assets for your entire life.

Thank you for reading :) Please, if you have any recommendations, foodie wish lists, food trucks must-try, anything, really; let me know!