Online Food Delivery - Siomay Perintis

Since the era of Twitter, and with the fact that Indonesia quickly become Top 2  - the most populated twitter user in the world (after United States of course), online food delivery business in Indonesia has gained pretty much interest in the real world. Not only that it has advantage on reaching more and more users each day, but also the power of social networking (plus the power of delivery services) promises long-term value. I have tasted one of the best samples for this online delivery food service, Siomay Perintis.


Raise your hand if you’re not into dumplings. It is, in my opinion, one of the reason I love Chinese food! And Siomay Perintis made it really really well. In my review, I’ve only ordered two types, the chicken dumplings & mushroom dumplings. Overall I like chicken dumplings more, because it stays longer in fridge. Even after reheating, the taste won’t be any difference. But mushroom sometimes can be tricky. I tasted a slight change of flavor after reheating the dish after 1 night in fridge. Well, lesson learned – make sure you finish your mushroom dumplings first because it can’t stay long enough.

There are 4 types of siomay/dumpling available from Siomay Perintis that you can order from their site: Chicken dumplings There are 7 types included within this original chicken dumplings: steamed dumplings, fried dumplings, tofu, potatoes, eggs, cabbage, and pariah. Made from minced chicken meat plus other spices and are guaranteed fresh and halal. And I love this one! Priced @2.500 IDR. Mushroom dumplings Made of selected oyster mushrooms, steamed only. @3.000 IDR. Tenggiri dumplings I personally haven’t try ordered this one, but I’ll try it next time :)

They said it’s made of fresh ‘tenggiri’ (Spanish mackerel) and I heard it’s good! Priced about 3.000 IDR Batagor Tenggiri Tenggiri fried meatballs & Fried tofu stuffed with Tenggiri. @4.000 IDR Minimum order is 50pcs. You can also join their Facebook page or make order via Twitter. More info please visit their website. Go go order! hehe.. it won’t fail you.. Cheers…