Foodtasting: TenTen Plaza Indonesia

Last week was heavenly. Two foodtasting in a row! Can't thank you enough, Goorme, who had brought us foodie together :)

So this is the first one: Ten Ten Plaza Indonesia. TenTen is the newest member of Boga Group, a big restaurant-chaining company that tops famous eateries such as Sushi Tei, Rakuzen, Sushi Kiosk by Sushi Tei, Pepper Lunch, Bakerzin, and Paradise Dynasty. We were invited to attend the grand opening night, which somehow i forgot the most important thing because i left the office in a hurry: my camera! Shoot. I'll admit right away, i really have no food pics so i guess it's going to be a really short post. Let's just dive in, then.

My first suggestion: Do not ever be fooled by the word "scallop"! Haha. I think we all got tricked because they had this "Kakiage Hotate" menu served in choices of udon, or a bowl of rice. Kakiage means bakwan/bala-bala in Indonesia (in English i think it's a fried vegetable pancake?), while Hotate means scallop. And if there's one thing i learned from this dish, is that the fried cake's flavor.... pretty much overpowered the original scallop flavor. Especially when they cut it into very tiny pieces you can barely see any of it.

Aside from a quite ordinary main dish - we also got Fried Sweet Potato & Ten Ten Hot Dog (instead of sausages they use Ebi Tempura, which is nice) for appetizers, and the highlight of the day was the.. dessert :) I love their Lemon Cheese Mousse, and their Matcha Kakigori. Kakigori is a shaved ice cream which tastes light, not so creamy, but it meets my expectation & very much fulfilling. And with reasonable price for the dessert, i really really recommended them!

Oh and next time when you visit TenTen, i'd also recommend the Ebi Tendon with 3 types of dressing you can choose: plain, spicy, and blackpepper. Served with rice/udon, it's equally big portion. The udon's texture somehow fits to my liking, and compared to some other Japanese resto, i really like their udons.

Our culinary journey that night ended up with a free photobooth at front - so luckily i will have one shot for you (other than the invitation itself :)


See ya on the next journey.

TenTen - Plaza Indonesia LB Floor, near Sari Ratu Restaurant
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