Beef Prosperity, The BEST Thing Ever Happened to McDonald's

Well it should've been "Beef Prosperity, The BEST Thing Ever Happened to McDonald's.....South East Asia". Sorry, Americans, and the rest of the world.

And it's exactly why I thank Malaysians for creating this baby back in 1993, according to its official site. Can't believe it took so long for it to actually come to McD Indonesia, because I recall my first time having this was around 2006/2007 as a college student whose been maximizing her fast-food calorie intake of the year especially right around January, when Prosperity is out. 

I've had my history with Beef Prosperity. No, seriously. I've always been in a love-hate relationship with it. I love its thick juicy 100%-beef patty with dripping spicy black pepper sauce, topped with sliced onions, between soft oval bun. And I hate the fact that it only comes out at every beginning of the year, until the Chinese New Year festivity ends. So when it's out, I would visit McD over and over again up to 7x a month, lol.


This year in Indonesia, it comes with double patty option, and combo meal with shaker fries (cheese/roasted chicken flavored) and Mango Fizz, a soda-based beverage with artificial mango flavor and crispy chunks of nata. Thanks McD for getting them out sooner!

2013 Beef Prosperity price list (after tax):

  • Single Beef Prosperity: Rp 28.500,- 
  • Single Beef Prosperity Combo Meal: Rp 44.000,- (for upsize, add extra Rp 3.500,-)
  • Double Beef Prosperity: Rp 44.000,-
  • Double Beef Prosperity Combo Meal: Rp 60.000,- (for upsize, add extra Rp 3.500,-)

If you haven't try Beef Prosperity, and you feel like you've been missing out on something in this life, then probably now you'll know why :)  

P.S: It's the fastest blogpost ever written since I took the photos 2 hours ago, lol. That alone indicates how much I wanted you guys to know, that this is indeed...the BEST thing ever happened to McDonald's.