#StreetFoodAddict: Smoked Stingray at Warung Nasi Yogya

It's been a while since my #StreetFoodAddict post series. This time I'm sharing one of my favorite - thanks to Mbak Sitta - a hidden gem in Ampera, South Jakarta, called Warung Nasi Yogya. Located just right in front of a huge restaurant named "Waroeng Solo" at Jalan Madrasah (near TPU Jeruk Purut), Warung Nasi Yogya on the other hand is what you should call the "real" warung, due to its modest look and small space.

This humble rice stall offers various dishes, like your typical Warteg buffet style, where you can choose from over 25+ dishes daily. They're open for breakfast although the variety of the dishes will all be served at its peak around 10/11AM (-ish). At lunch time the place will be so packed and you'll have to queue for a buffet. Ask everyone what's so special about this place, I can assure you that one of the reason people come here early is because they don't want to miss out on this particular dish: Mangut Iwak Pe

Mangut Iwak Pe, or Mangut Ikan Pari as we Indonesians call it, is a traditional Javanese dish of smoked stingray fish cooked and braised in spicy savory coconut milk broth. It's quite a rare finding here in Jakarta, really. The last time I've ever eaten this kind of dish was at Gudeg Yu Nap, Bandung. And although to be honest the ones they have in Gudeg Yu Nap packed more flavors, it is safe to say that a complete meal at Warung Nasi Yogya is more than enough to cure my craving of a decent Javanese meal. 

Mangut Iwak Pe at Gudeg Yu Nap, Bandung.   The BEST smoked stingray dish I have ever encountered so far.

Mangut Iwak Pe at Gudeg Yu Nap, Bandung. The BEST smoked stingray dish I have ever encountered so far.

A complete satisfying meal at Warung Nasi Yogya will cost around IDR 10.000 - 25.000, and yes, that's absolutely what made me miss this place already! Tasty food + economical + satisfying = on my must visit list. Please do try them when you're around the area. 

Other recommended dishes are: bakwan/rempeyek udang (crispy prawn fritters), sayur lodeh (assorted vegetables in coconut milk soup), semur lidah (sweet braised ox tongue), etc. They also serve brown rice for a healthier option.


Warung Nasi Yogya
Jalan Madrasah (Cilandak Timur), Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta
Phone: 021 7883562
4sq location

P.S: This is also near Nasi Bebek H Munawi - Khas Madura.