Remembering Those Who Do Us Good

I have so many pending posts but since it’s kind of urgent (at least for me :p), I think I’m pushing everything behind. 
This is a special post dedicated to the crucial things that makes this blog possible. Yes cameras I'm talking to you!

Brown Sony DSC-HX30V

Brown Sony DSC-HX30V


This is the first photo that it took, meta-dated 16/09/2012 at 7.29PM. It was Browny's leather case cover. Great stuff.


Second photo that it took was of course: its birthplace :p. Digital Plaza at the transit terminal of some random airport.


Yes. For my own future reference I am starting to note down all of my gears’ date of purchase just so I know how old and how reliable they are, you know, not only as gadgets but also as a true companion to capture moments of my life. Okay that might sound exaggerating – most of my cameras only had foods, drinks, snacks, and restaurant interiors anyway.


Last year I thought I was ditching my old white Panasonic GF1 for Browny because it’s practical, it weigh less, and it has this mega-zoom feature up to 500m that's just perfect for concert. But along the journey I realized that for food photography, mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lens will always have better result than pocket camera. So yes, most of the food pics displayed here on my blog were taken with Lumix GF1. Also for me, GF1 remains the king of its series although Panasonic keeps ‘innovating’ until GF5 and failing each cycle before they decided to work on GX7.

(..and I had to search my entire closet to find its original box of purchase. So I’m noting it down here that my GF1 was born on 02 July 2010, well..


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