The thought of having a so-called Food-Blogger name card has never crossed my mind until recently. I’ve been wanting to (because it’s kinda cool you know, LOL), but afraid I was getting over-confident while I know I don’t write as much & as often. Moreover with the ongoing debacles on social media (mostly Twitter), on how food-blogger ethics or code conduct should be, I was getting quite hesitant to self-proclaim myself as one. It’s a never ending conversation that, on my point of view, can be concluded to:

  • Food-blogger chooses their own path. Most bloggers I know are naturally born passionate about food, sensible in a way that they could distinguish most flavors in a detail manner. And they’re willing to write both commercially or non-commercially because they wanted to share their love of food – but they DO have another life beside blogging. They might be a student, or at work, they can’t be rushed to a writing-submission deadline, and they make their own schedule. While some might get too serious about monetizing their blog, well that's their choice, there's nothing wrong about it.
  • Some are rather the type of Food Journalist. Means, that they make a real living-cash out of it. They introduce themselves under a corporate brand/media, and if they ask for invitations it’s because that’s what they do. But us food-bloggers shouldn't do that. We dare not to, because it’s an unspoken morality that relies back to the question again, “Why do you even blog at the first place?” If it’s for passion that it should never be like that. If it’s aiming for freebies and popularity then go ahead, but you’re taking the whole idea wrong. True, that food-bloggers sometimes get the privilege of being invited to several food-tastings, but that’s not the main reason we even bother to try new places. I spent a fortune going and discovering hidden gems along with my foodie friends, and honestly it’s a sensation that is probably 10-times better than going to invitations.

I’m not pointing heads to anyone, but you might learn something valuable here. It goes not only in the food blogging world, but also in fashion, travel, etc. Ask yourself first, “Why do I blog?”


So anyway, after I finally settle with this domain, I thought, why not? http://umifadilah.com is my personal branding after all. A hobby. I’ve been writing since 2006 although back then I stumbled upon so many blogging platforms until I’ve decided to host on cloud with Squarespace just a few months ago. This blog is not only about food, I wrote about concerts too, on several occasion, and in the near future I might wrote about UX/design-related too, but that’s another story, and a different thematic blogs. But writing about food is my passion, so I took a bold step few weeks ago to create this:


A circle name card! With a mouth-full silhouette that depicts someone who basically eats anything! It’s gluttony all over the place, I know! Hahaha.

But let me tell you one thing. The hassle of creating a circle name card, is quite a lot. Creating custom size like this – you basically have to pay for your own cutting board, and here in Jakarta it costs almost twice the price of 1 box of the usual rectangle name card.

was so much hassle that, the printing guy tried his best to talk me out of
this, and to create a SQUARE name card instead. Thank God I said no, or else
it’d be looking plain stupidly weird

It was so much hassle that, the printing guy tried his best to talk me out of this, and to create a SQUARE name card instead. Thank God I said no, or else it’d be looking plain stupidly weird

But the good news is, the cutting board is yours to take home. And you can reuse the board if someday you have another design with 7cm-diameter. And I’m probably renting it if you’re really interested! LOL.


In the end, I’m a happy customer :) Satisfied, and because I only print them like about 100 copies only (not trying to be exclusive/limited, it’s the price spike here that I’m objecting about, haha), I can’t wait to have another design! This yellow-ish thingy goes along my current blog theme; same goes with the main Heading typography. Maybe in the future I’m changing theme, who knows.

Thanks for reading, 

Oh and Happy Eid Mubarak to everyone! Minal aidin wal faidzin ;) 

Umi Fadilah
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