I DID IT! World Street Food Congress 2013, Here I Come!

On Tuesday, I was having a regular Lync concall at the office when my phone kept ringing for about 4 times from 021-xxxxxxx. I was nearly like, "Okay this shouldn't be just another credit card phone scam, this might be somewhat important". And so my boss told me to pick up the phone; so I paused our meeting and I answered.

And I'm glad I answered.  And I nearly jumped with joy. With double fists in the air.

And I screamed out loud while still forgetting that my boss is 900km away but she's hearing all the tacky words I said over the phone, LOL.

On Wednesday, I came to Femina's office to hand over my passport copy and everything. And in return they also gave me a turquoise Hellolulu camera pouch, Elizabeth Arden's perfume, and IDR 200k Pantry Magic voucher (I won their Twitter quiz too, 2 weeks ago :p Lucky me.) 

On Thursday, they finally tweeted and gave the official announcement: 


So it's confirmed. My entry titled "EPIC INDONESIAN STREET-FOODS ARE EPIC." won the Femina Foodlovers Blog Competition 2013. Thanks to Femina and everyone that sends out their greetings. Until this morning, checking my mention tab on Twitter almost felt like having a birthday twice a year ;)



37 street-food stalls. 10 countries. Can't hardly wait.

Umi Fadilah
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